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Vince Hosfield has been involved in holistic health for almost a decade. He is co-director of Michigan Integrative Medicine with Dr. Elizabeth Zide M.D. He graduated from the prestigious Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, CA. Emperor’s is one of the oldest and most recognized schools for the training of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

While at Emperor’s he studied with some of the foremost Chinese medical practitioners in the areas of acute and chronic pain, dermatology, cancer support, and women’s health and fertility.

Most of Vince’s early passion was treating chronic and acute pain and he spent most of his time learning the most advanced techniques in effectively treating pain. Vince continues to consult with former professor’s and colleague’s on the most current ways to effectively treat pain.

Dr. Elizabeth R. Zide M.D. is Co-Medical Director of Michigan Integrative Medicine. She is board certified in Emergency Medicine and has been a practicing physician for over a decade. She has been working with holistic approaches to health for that long as well. Her unique approach has helped many patients improve and achieve their optimal health.

What separates Elizabeth from other doctors is her ability to diagnose the root cause of a patient’s imbalance and treat it effectively. She does not believe in practicing what she refers to as “natural allopathy” where a practitioner just starts to prescribe supplements for every symptom a patient presents with. She believes the body is a complex puzzle and only by looking at it in its entirety an effective treatment plan can be prescribed.

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