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Michigan Integrative Medicine and Acupuncture is a full service clinic specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. We offer a broad range of Traditional Chinese Medical techniques to optimize patient’s health and address their health concerns. Some of those include, acupuncture, herbal therapies, cupping, tuina, gua sha, and nutritional intervention. We also have a large referral base of other high level doctors and practitioners of various health professions like, massage therapy, physical therapy, mental health services to cover any of our patients health needs. We offer extended hours including some evenings and weekends to fit our patients busy schedules and schedule them as quickly as possible. Michigan Integrative Medicine and Acupuncture follows all FDA and State of Michigan safety guidelines for a safe acupuncture experience.

Vince Hosfield has been practicing in his home state of Michigan for over 15 years. He graduated
Summa Cum Laude from the prestigious Emperor’s College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ECTOM) in Santa Monica, California. While studying and in clinic he learned from the foremost acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors in the country treating conditions ranging from pain, anxiety, infertility, stress, and gastrointestinal issues to name a few.

Vince’s original passion for treating acute and chronic pain happened while he was in grad school and working in Dr. Hua Gu’s clinic in Woodland Hills, California (www.doctorgu.com). Dr. Gu is one of the leading practitioners in the world using acupuncture and herbs for treating numerous conditions especially pain. He always felt Dr. Gu was the most effective and proficient person he ever met when treating patients. Vince said “even when Dr. Gu was seeing 55 patients in a day, his assistants running around to keep up, he would have a smile on his face grateful to be practicing Chinese medicine and acupuncture.” It was that gratitude towards the profession of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture that Vince carries with him today every day at his clinic.

After starting his practice and seeing an increase in infertility patients he continued his education and was blessed to be mentored by his former professor and his friend Dr. Ray Rubio. Dr Rubio was the founder and President of The American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) until his untimely death from pancreatic cancer. Dr. Rubio probably did more to get Acupuncture and TCM recognized as an effect first line or supportive treatment for infertility than almost any other practitioner in the country. He was the first to set standards that all practitioners should strive to achieve. Vince not only learned various advanced acupuncture and herbal strategies from his three years of mentorship under Dr. Rubio, but he also felt a deep empathy for the millions of patients struggling daily to achieve their goal of becoming a parent.

Vince’s most recent passion is a deepening understanding of the benefits of TCM and acupuncture on cancer patients. After his wife and was diagnosed in 2018 with an extremely rare form of cancer called Neuro Endocrine Tumor (NET) he has focused on expanding his knowledge on the benefits that TCM and acupuncture has on supporting traditional oncology treatments.

When he is not working in his clinic Vince enjoys spending time with his wife Elizabeth and their 3 children, running trails, cooking, gardening, and fly fishing.

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